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Decorative paint includes decorator and custom colors and a variety of finishes. There are metallics and pearlescents and finishes that let you add texture like a suede finish. Decorative finishes also include the sheen of paint that is chosen from matte, to eggshell, satin or glossy. These affect the final look and appearance of the room. Some of the faux techniques we use with these finishes and colors include distressed look, antiquing, glazing, color washing and frottaging. 


For those with Southwestern architecture, PaintSmith does custom stain and finish work on portals and vigas. On kiva fireplaces it is commonly requested to do a frottage, which is applying a wet glaze, then rubbing it with fabric, paper or other materials to create a texture. Regardless of the style of home, we do decorative color, even if that is in the form of neutrals with a few select accent walls. Due to our high volume of experience with custom homes, PaintSmith has the expertise with decorative finishes so if you are looking for a custom look at a good price, give us a call!

Trim & Doors
Another way to add a decorator look to your home is in your choice of paint or stain for your trim, baseboards, crown molding, windowsills and doors. White is timeless and creates a clean look. But using the right white can make or break a look. Wood stains also create a timeless look and can vary between looking rustic or dramatic. Grays and other color paints can create a dramatic, decorator effect. For help with color choices PaintSmith offers color consultations for all of our clients.

Accent Walls
An accent wall is a wall painted a different color than the other 3 walls and ceiling. It is typically bold and dramatic but can be more subtle by choosing just a deeper shade than the other 3 walls. Accent walls are a great way to get some color in your home and draw the eye to a particular wall in a room. You’ll want to use a wall with a focal point. The wall may or may not be the first wall you see when you enter the room. For instance in a bedroom you may want to choose the wall with your headboard. In other rooms you may choose a wall because of a great piece of artwork or architectural feature you want to draw attention to.

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PaintSmith specializes in all Decorative Painting in Albuquerque, including faux finishes metallic and custom decorator colors. 

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PaintSmith has the expertise with decorative finishes so if you are looking for a custom look at a good price, give us a call! 

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